At Least 100 Involved In After-School Melee

STOCKTON (CBS13) — At least 100 individuals can be seen in video involved a brawl that forced a response from police and paramedics in Stockton Thursday afternoon. Cell phone video captured the chaos that spilled off-campus at Stagg High School. A crowd can be seen converging around one fight at first, then another and another. Theresa Saunders shot video of the massive melee on her cell phone. She owns a flower store across the street from the school. “This one went from boom boom boom boom, all these different fights,” Saunders said. “It’s like what happened in school? Was it a day to get revenge for each other?” At one point video shows a single Stockton Unified School District police SUV attempt to break up the fights. An officer inside using a loudspeaker commanded people out of the street, but the crowd did not disperse. “I asked her ‘where the backup?’ she said, ‘they coming,’” Saunders said. More Stockton Unified School District police officers eventual arrived. Video shows officers taking one person into custody.

“I just don’t understand the kids nowadays, it’s like they just fighting,” Miles said. “They should all get along. I’m hearing too much violence out here.”

The Stockton Unified School District sent an email to parents Thursday evening alerting them of the incident they call an “ongoing investigation.” A spokesperson said an individual who was treated at a hospital was also arrested for their role in the massive fight. Fists flying in this massive after-school scuffle. “Now it’s on Facebook, and you’re momma see you out here fighting, what’s she going to think?” Saunders said. The school district plans to have extra security on hand Friday as a precaution. Nick Bit: This is a direct result of the Marianna epidemic. It is making people far more violent. See this brain scan of the amygdala (lizard brain) on pot. Talk about lighting up a joint and you life

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