Charter Communications’ hiring plans

In an Oval Office event on March 24, President Trump and Charter Communications CEO Tom Rutledge announced the company would invest $25 billion in the US and commit to hiring 20,000 American workers over four years. But in April 2016, the company had said it would hire 20,000 employees if regulators allowed it to purchase Time Warner Cable. The deal was approved and finalized last spring. “We’ve already begun insourcing efforts for the new company,” Rutledge said on a company call in August. “The process of insourcing will take several years and will require that we hire 20,000 people.” On that same August call, Rutledge said the company was building a call center in McAllen, Texas — a facility Trump also pointed to in his Oval Office “announcement” in March. A Charter spokesperson maintained to BuzzFeed News that while the company had previously spoken of “plans” to hire 20,000 new workers, it hadn’t formally “committed” to doing so until this March.