EU delays Brexit extension decision until next week, as Labour vows to scupper PM’s election bid

EU ambassadors failed to reach agreement on a further Brexit extension at a meeting on Friday morning, postponing their decision in a move that could have a bearing on whether Boris Johnson gets his pre-Christmas general election.  The prime minister challenged MPs to back his call for a December 12 vote in return for more time to scrutinise his Brexit deal. Mr Johnson will need Labour votes if he is to win the two-thirds of MPs required to get an election under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act (FTPA). Jeremy Corbyn said he would only agree to an election once Mr Johnson takes a no-deal Brexit “off the table” – and suggested the PM could do that within “a couple of days”. Mr Johnson said it would be “morally incredible” for Labour to refuse an election. Boris Johnson is considering whether to scrap Monday’s vote to trigger a pre-Christmas general election, after fresh opposition at home and abroad threatened an almost-certain defeat. The latest Brexit impasse means the UK will come within as little as 48 hours of crashing out of the EU on Halloween before the issue of an Article 50 extension is settled – with Emmanuel Macron still holding out. Meanwhile, at Westminster, MPs are weighing up an extraordinary plan to bring the prime minister’s “paused” Brexit deal themselves, after he refused to do so. Nick Note: Its pretty obviuse the house of cards if falling.. I’ll for now stick with our Chippie Grenade trade!