NYT reporter: Story on Cohen flipping ‘hitting a nerve’ with Trump

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman

“I think he and his lawyers are very anxious about the Southern District investigation into Michael Cohen, that is more of an imminent threat than the Robert Mueller special counsel probe is,” she said on CNN’s “New Day” of the probe into Trump’s longtime personal lawyer and fixer. Haberman, who has interviewed Trump several times but who the president referred to as “third rate” in his tweet, added that her report wasn’t about “destroying” the relationship between Cohen and Trump. “The president has destroyed their relationship pretty handily on his own over a very long time and that is what the story is about,” she said. “Which is that he is abusive…to most people in his organization and that family is not excepted.” “But he is particularly abusive to Cohen over the years and the question is does that come back to haunt him,” she added. Trump had lashed out over a Times story Haberman wrote, reporting that the president’s legal team is preparing for Cohen to cooperate with prosecutors.

The report written by Haberman quotes aides on and off the record saying that Trump takes Cohen for granted. Cohen is reportedly under investigation for bank fraud and violating campaign finance law. On CNN, Haberman in discussing the potential danger to Trump said that prosecutors could place Cohen in a situation where it’s “his life before the president’s life.”