The UK has messed up Brexit. Now Boris Johnson is trapped in hell

London (CNN)The UK is staggering towards another Brexit cliff edge. A deal has been agreed between Boris Johnson’s government and the European Union, but there’s very little chance that this will be ratified in London before Halloween, the current deadline for the United Kingdom’s departure. That date can change, and Brussels may well grant a third extension beyond October 31. This would stop the UK crashing out of the bloc at the end of the month. But it would do nothing to calm the mayhem, nastiness and confusion that has engulfed Westminster for three years.Johnson says he will ask for an early election on Monday — the third time in his short premiership that he has made this request. Yet there is no political consensus over when this election should happen. So the UK will keep limping forward, with no one able to break the deadlock or provide any clarity for an exhausted open goal for Boris Johnson. Business is pressing for an end to uncertainty. As a result, Johnson leaned into a much harder Brexit stance. He said he’d get Brexit done, “do or die,” by October 31. He promised to get rid of the Irish backstop mechanism that helped doom May’s deal. He said he’d secure a new deal. He swore he’d rather be “dead in a ditch” than request another extension. And he told the DUP that he would do nothing that harmed the union. Johnson set the bar too high. And, ultimately, he found he was going to have to throw someone under a bus.   The EU is getting sick of granting Brexit extensions only for the UK to waste time. Even an election could result in more confusion. There is no clear evidence that any single party can secure a majority. An election would likely result in another minority Conservative government or a coalition between the main opposition parties, all of whom hate one another and don’t agree on a way forward.

There is no easy fix to the Brexit crisis that doesn’t make it all worse. Two Prime Ministers and various opposition figures have made promises they cannot keep. It’s left the nation horribly divided and seemingly with no way out. Brexit is supposed to be done next Thursday. In reality we will probably still be talking about this for months, if not years, from now.