The US also gave Turkey access to airspace and intelligence on the area,

The offensive was launched on Wednesday, just days after US President Donald Trump announced that US troops would pull back from the area. Sounds innocent enough but what they forgot to tell you is Trump ordered the US to lift the no fly zone over Kurd territory in SYRIA making the attack you see unfolding possible. The first wave was bombing over  CIVILIAN areas where the majority of the kurds live. But their is more Trump also rdered the Pentagon to provide intelligence that was  used by Turkey to formulate its target lists. Also you need to know that although Trump NOW ha ha ha condemns the attacks Trump still has opened the skies over Syria giving their air force unlimited  access  access to Kurd targets ALL civilian. Please note the Kurds armed by the US  have no air-force, no helicopters and they were armed with only small weapons, no stinger missiles and certainty no antiaircraft or antitank weapons. Its literally bebe guns against cannons.