Trump Greeted by Boos, Chants of ‘Lock Him Up’ at World Series Game 5

The President attended Game 5 of the World Series between the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros at Nationals Park, a short journey from the White House. 
When Trump was shown on the video screens in the stadium he was loudly booed by fans.

The chants against the president harked back to campaign rallies in 2016 during which fans of Trump would often break into chants of “Lock her up!” in reference to Hillary Clinton. Nick Note: When you see Trump at his stupid fest with the mop its a reality TV show production.  Carefully produced  choreographed with the crowd lined up weeks a head of time transportation and all. People are positioned precisely for the cameras females, blacks, old people . They are told they must clap scream yell and put on a show for a free tshirt or ball cap.. The staged rallies are all about the ongoing publicity stunt that is the Trump presidency. The videos above show Trump raw. How the people are starting to feel about the REAL Donald Trump. not staged. Trump will go down as the most unpopular president ever. Before the French revolution the mob came at first and cheered as peoples heads were chopped off in the guillotine. As they finally figured it out they stormed the Bastille. It will be no different this time!!