Trump keeps taking credit for deals struck while Obama was president

1. Ford’s Michigan investment Ford announced on Tuesday the company would invest $1.2 billion in three facilities in Michigan where it will build trucks and SUVs, and store electronic data. President Donald Trump took to Twitter to link the news to his efforts to increase manufacturing by automakers within the US. “Big announcement by Ford today. Major investment to be made in three Michigan plants. Car companies coming back to U.S. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!” he tweeted early Tuesday. Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway also heralded the news on Twitter, suggesting Trump deserved credit: “Two weeks after @POTUS met with auto execs…Ford plans ‘significant’ investments in 3 plants,” she tweeted. The problem? The investment announced on Tuesday actually stemmed from a 2015 deal negotiated between Ford and the United Auto Workers union. Under that 2015 collective bargaining agreement, Ford committed itself to investing $9 billion in US plants with the expectation of creating or retaining 8,500 jobs across a number of states, including Michigan. “The majority of what was announced today is part of the 2015 UAW contract,” Ford spokeswoman Kelli Felker told BuzzFeed News via email. “The $850 billion at Michigan Assembly Plant was part of the contract, as was the Romeo Engine Plant. The $200 million data center was not part of the UAW contract, but it wouldn’t be because there are no hourly jobs at the data center.”