SIXTH weapons test in just a month amid US tensions


It comes amid anger in Pyongyang at ongoing US-led military exercises with South Korea – which the North views as a rehearsal for invasion. A rocket launched by North Korea last Tuesday. Tonight another two missiles were launched by Kim Jong-un’s regime . North Korean leader Kim Jong-un celebrates a rocket test last week. The regime has now carried out another testCredit: AP:Associated Press And there is growing frustration in Kim Jong-un’s regime at stalled talks between the US and North Korea over his weapons programme. The unidentified projectiles smashed into waters off North Korea’s eastern coast on Friday morning local time, South Korea’s military said. They are likely to be the same short range rockets used in recent launches – which despot Kim had said would cause “inescapable distress to a fat target.” North Korean state media previously described the weapon as a “new-type large-calibre multiple launch guided rocket system” – but no specific details were given. The launch came after the North issued a statement berating South Korea – saying it’s “senseless” to resume peace talks while the joint-US military drills continue. It extends a recent streak of rocket tests believed to be aimed at pressuring Washington and Seoul over slow nuclear diplomacy. The US is trying to get North Korea to rein in its nuclear weapons arsenal and curb long-range missile tests. South Korea says North Korea’s missile launch is contrary to military agreement