Boris Johnson asks Queen today to shut down Parliament

BORIS Johnson today dropped a Brexit bombshell by asking the Queen to shut down Parliament to stop Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to block No Deal. The bold move to block MPs from sitting in Parliament for around five weeks over conference season will give rebels even less time to launch new plots to stop us leaving on October 31. Boris asked the Queen to suspend ParliamentCredit: PA:Press Association Boris wrote to MPs to spell out his plansCredit: PA:Press Association. A new Queen’s speech will be held on October 14 under the plans, which will mark the start of the new Parliamentary session. That would leave just two weeks for a possible vote of no confidence in Boris, or for rebel MPs to pass a law to push back the Brexit date. It would be completely unprecedented for the Queen to ignore the wishes of a sitting PM and refuse to grant his request. Boris said today: “We are not going to wait for October 31 before getting on with our plans to take the country forward. “We are a new government with a new, exciting agenda… we’ve got to be bringing forward new and important bills. “That’s why we are going to have a Queen’s speech and we are going to do it on October 14.” “We are going to get on with it.” No10 also confirmed that if Boris gets a deal with the EU, they will bring it forward for a vote in the Commons before the 31 October. Boris today delivered a threat to rebel MPs – that if they try and derail his Brexit negotiations it will be their fault if we leave without a deal. He wrote: “These weeks leading up to the European Council on 17/18 October are vitally important for the sake of my negotiations with the EU. “Member states are watching what Parliament does with great interest, and it is only by showing unity and resolve that we stand a chance of securing a new deal that can be passed by Parliament.” The news could also mean MPs decide to move against Boris Johnson next week with a vote of no confidence – as they might not have the time to do so in October. performing its duty.” Boris Johnson has promised to take Britain out of the EU with or without a deal by the end of October. But rebels MPs have vowed to stop him quitting the bloc with a deal if they can. Today’s move caused the pound to drop against the dollar as markets jittered amongst the uncertainty.