Cavuto to Trump: The Job of the Media is ‘To Call Balls and Strikes on You’

Your World host Neil Cavuto closed his show Thursday afternoon with a monologue addressing President Trump’s recent criticism of Fox News. The segment began with an audio clip of President Trump discussing his displeasure with Fox News during an interview on Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade’s radio show. Cavuto reacted to President’s Trump complaint that Fox News “isn’t working for us anymore,” reminding him that “we don’t work for you. Nick Bit: The cracks in the armer are everywhere. Trumps most ardent supporters are starting to distance themselves from him. The sold out media does not want to get cashed out when not if the Trump administration crashes and burns, As far as Cavuto… he is a flaming asshole. Who was a idiot when he was on CNBC and fired. A idiot when he tried to start a financial newsletter (what a joke that was) and he is even a bigger idiot now that he is on HA HA HA HA Fox business full of shit news!!!!