Donald Trump’s Emergency Budget Plan Buys 62 Miles of Border Wall In 2017

President Donald Trump’s immediate 2017 budget request will fund the first 62 miles of border walls and fences, pending the appropriation of more funds in late 2017 for additional construction in 2018, says a report from CNN. The [2017] money will fund 14 miles of new border wall in San Diego, 28 miles of new levee wall barriers and six miles of new border wall in the Rio Grande Valley region and 14 miles of replacement fencing in San Diego.” CNN’s report does not say how much of the $1 billion planned for extra spending in early 2017 would be allocated to planning and long-term construction of the border fence, which is expected to stretch along much of the nation’s 2,000-mile border. The fence or wall is expected to annually save tens of billions of dollars in reduced spending on illegals and also on offsetting the wage-cutting impact of illegal immigrants. Already, according to CNN, the administration’s budget “documents also claim that Trump’s executive orders on immigration enforcement are already having an effect, saying arrests are up 50%, charges are up 40% and requests to detain arrested individuals who are deportable are up 80%.”