ExxonMobil’s Gulf Coast investment

In early March, Trump and his administration pointed to a $20 billion investment by oil giant ExxonMobil on the US Gulf Coast as proof they were “bringing back the JOBS!” “This is something that was done to a large extent because of our policies and the policies of this new administration having to do with regulation and so many other things,” Trump said in a video address. “I said we would bring back jobs. This is one example of it.” “@POTUS promised to bring back jobs to America,” Vice President Mike Pence tweeted. “Today’s news is further evidence of the country’s spirit of optimism, boosting job growth.” But statements from both the White House and Exxon also contained the following important disclaimer about Exxon’s Growing the Gulf program: “Investments began in 2013 and are expected to continue through at least 2022.”