OPEC+ decreases output by 159% in July – report

OPEC+ decreases output by 159% in July - report

Members of OPEC+ decreased their oil production output by 159% in July, Russian TASS reported, citing sources familiar with the matter. The decrease encompasses a decline in production from OPEC states of 156% and a deduction in non-OPEC production of 166%. The figures mean that oil production in July was reduced by 1.9 million barrels per day compared to October 2018 which is 700,000 barrels per day more than the planned reduction of 1.2 million barrels per day. Last week, OPEC raised its oil demand outlook for 2019 by 0.1 million barrels per day to 30.7 million barrels per day. Nick Note: So if some asshole wants to play ARMATURE analyst and blow smoke up your ass that Russia increased output OR SOME OTHER SIMILAR bullshit!  your a ASSHOLE if you listen to him. Everyone should know their JOB AND STICK WITH WHAT THEY KNOW!!!! . So don’t let dtrade, Shcubbie DO do,  google searches or what ever asshole broker your cursed with shit you.  OPEC production is PLUNGING. Oil inventories on a macro BASES are Plunging. AND oil production is peeking in the US and will soon enter a multi year decline. OIL WILL BE AT $100 a barrel. AND a WAR in the gulf will occur. So tell youR amateur asshole to stick with his ledgerS and tell your asshole broker to stick with what he knows.. and that is churning and burning (panicking them and bouncing them out on the bottom)  his clients and screwing pensioners out of their meager savings in dog shit junk bond funds that will soon default in mass… AND AND AND OPEC WILL GET $100 OIL BECAUSE OPEC WILL CUT WHAT EVER OIL SUPPLIES NECESSARY AND THE SAUDI’S ARE ABOUT TO SCREW THE WORLD WITH A TRILLION DOLLAR SOVEREIGN DEBT OFFERING ON THE ARMECO IPO AND THEY HAVE INVITED ALL THE INVESTMENT BANKERS TO FEAST ON THE SAVINGS OF 3 GENERATIONS!!!  by the way have a nice day!!!! We are ALL born stupid. The great sin is to stay stupid!!