Trump breaks key populist campaign promise to negotiate Medicare drug prices

“If we have to bid out pharmaceuticals, we’re bidding them out. We’re going to save billions and billions and billions of dollars.”


On the campaign trail, candidate Trump promised to save hundreds of billions of dollars standing up to the pharmaceutical industry, and said he’d “negotiate like crazy” to bring down Medicare prescription drug prices. Allowing Medicare to negotiate directly with drug companies for better prices has long been a goal for progressives, and when voters heard Trump stray from the Republican party orthodoxy, railing against Big Pharma as he asked for their support, many likely thought his promises would mean something different in Washington, D.C. if he were elected president. Sadly, they were wrong The people who elected Trump expect him to come through. Ahead of the Friday speech announcing the plan, senior administration officials told reporters that “we are not calling for Medicare negotiation in the way that Democrats have called for,” instead characterizing Trump’s plan as outlining “important changes that will dramatically improve the way negotiation takes place inside the Medicare program.”