Trump Concerned About ‘Real Possibility’ of Impeachment

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – US President Donald Trump has expressed concern about the possibility of being impeached, CNN reported, citing a source close to Trump. According to the source, Trump believes that impeachment is a “real possibility” after the House of Representatives comes under the control of the Democrats. Another source told the media that Trump’s aides believed that the only problem that might lead to impeachment is the allegations of Trump’s involvement in violating campaign finance rules in the case of Cohen, who brokered the silence of Trump’s mistresses. Additionally, White House officials do not believe that the Robert Mueller-led investigation into the alleged ties between Trump and Russia could lead to the president’s being impeached. Earlier this week, Jerry Nadler, a democratic representative from New York’s 10th Congressional District in the US House of Representatives, said that claims about Trump tasking his former lawyer Michael Cohen with making illegal hush payments to women, who allegedly had affairs with Trump, might result in “impeachable offences” if proven true. Last week, Cohen pleaded guilty to charges of lying to the US Congress about plans to build a Trump-branded real estate project in Moscow. Cohen’s attorneys asked a judge for no jail time for their client, citing his cooperation in the probe into Russia’s alleged role in the 2016 presidential election. Cohen should be sentenced next week in New York. Moscow has repeatedly refuted accusations of meddling in US elections.